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Workshop Participants Say:

"WEVAS® is HOPEFUL! The goal is to return a student to a state that helps them to be their best selves."

"The strengths of WEVAS® are learning about self-awareness and how to better communicate."

Facilitator Feedback:

"I appreciate your knowledge, the positive, safe environment that you created, the ease with which you co-taught the class, your ability to focus on the 'helpful' in comments from the group."

"The real life stories, applications, and examples were great."

People During Workshop

WEVAS® Weaving Resources Together

WEVAS® proceeds are funding the development of free-for-all wellness and healing centres in our communities toward the awareness of self-presence and unity.  For more information, to volunteer, to donate:

Here are examples of where WEVAS® is appearing in the world:

Man Ed Seculsion Doc pic_edited.jpg
Towards Inclusion supporting positive behaviour in MB classrooms document picture.PNG
Challending Behavior in young children book picture.PNG
U of M thesis WEVAS.jpg
PlaP skills up pic.PNG
University of Winnipeg.PNG
MB childcare Asn picture.PNG
RRC Polytec.PNG

Educational Assistant Jobs in Manitoba require WEVAS®

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