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FAQ:  WEVAS® Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I enroll in a WEVAS® course or workshop?


A: Manitoba school divisions offer WEVAS® training on a regular basis, as do colleges, universities, and other service providers. Contact a school division's Student Services Administrator to find out information about WEVAS®, view workshop links on or, or contact a post-secondary institution directly.


Q: I completed a WEVAS® course but I cannot find my certificate needed for a job.


A: Individual WEVAS® instructors and the organization for which they teach issue certificates to successful workshop participants. Contact them to obtain a copy of your certificate.


Q: What is the difference between WEVAS® and NVCI?


A: There is a lot of overlap between WEVAS® and NVCI - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, however, WEVAS® is a "hands-off" model which teaches protective skills rather than "restraints" or "holding skills."

Q: Do I have to retake the WEVAS® course to renew my certification?

A: The employer may determine the length of time between initial certification and the next time they would like employees to redo the course. WEVAS® offers the employer the flexibility to individualize according to their needs and the needs of their employees and clients. WEVAS® content also is flexible enough to allow employers / instructors to personalize to their situations (e.g., Workplace Health and Safety, Violence in the Workplace protocols, etc.) such that a recently certified participant may be asked to redo a WEVAS® course particular to their new work environment to allow time for team discussions and planning with regard to current situations they encounter. For example, teams have set up review times during which staff practice the approaches learned in the WEVAS® Assaultive State section.

Q: Is there a one day WEVAS® "refesher" course?

A:  At this time, there is no shorter or "review" version of WEVAS®. We ask previously certified participants to work through the exercises and bring their new experiences forward to process with a different group of participants / instructors. Many new insights and solutions often are discovered by proceeding through the full course content, discussions, and activities to enable people to meet their current needs. Feedback from engaged participants has been positive following their retaking WEVAS®. Some who were initially skeptical and thought it was a waste of their professional development time and money to redo the course in its entirety were pleasantly surprised during and following their additional times taking the full WEVAS® course. Different instructor interaction styles and those who bring in relevant supplemental current material can make a big difference.

Q: Can anyone become a WEVAS® facilitator/instructor?


A: WEVAS® facilitators / instructors / trainers have been selected from their organizations for their leadership and other valued skills that will enable them to provide the WEVAS® training to others. They have successfully completed a 5-day intensive WEVAS® certification program. Contact the WEVAS® Clinical Director for more information about training of trainers.

Q: How often is WEVAS® facilitator training offered?


A: WEVAS® facilitator training historically has been offered once every two years or when an organization has enough participants to proceed (typically 18-24).  Contact the WEVAS® Clinical Director for more information about hosting a training of trainers course.  Later in 2023 is the next possibility for WEVAS® facilitator training.

Q: Is there an online or "hybrid" training model for WEVAS®?

A: During the COVID pandemic, WEVAS® tested an online format in order to deliver the high demand training.  In-person training is the preferred and most beneficial model for WEVAS® courses.

Q: How do I find a WEVAS® facilitator to train my staff?


A: Contact your local school division to find out who the WEVAS® facilitators are and to arrange a workshop directly with them.  Coming soon: WEVAS® facilitator contact information may be listed on Contact the WEVAS® Clinical Director for more information about finding a facilitator.

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