FAQ:  WEVAS® Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I enroll in a WEVAS® course or workshop?


A: Manitoba school divisions offer WEVAS® training on a regular basis, as do colleges, universities, and other service providers. Contact a school division's Student Services Administrator to find out information about WEVAS®, view workshop links on wevas.ca or wevas.net, or contact a post-secondary institution directly.


Q: I completed a WEVAS® course but I cannot find my certificate needed for a job.


A: Individual WEVAS® instructors and the organization for which they teach issue certificates to successful workshop participants. Contact them to obtain a copy of your certificate.


Q: What is the difference between WEVAS® and NVCI?


A: There is a lot of overlap between WEVAS® and NVCI - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, however, WEVAS® is a "hands-off" model which teaches protective skills rather than "restraints" or "holding skills."


Q: Can anyone become a WEVAS® facilitator/instructor?


A: WEVAS® facilitators / instructors / trainers have been selected from their organizations for their leadership and other valued skills that will enable them to provide the WEVAS® training to others. They have successfully completed a 5-day intensive WEVAS® certification program. Contact the WEVAS® Clinical Director for more information about training of trainers.

Q: How often is WEVAS® facilitator training offered?


A: WEVAS® facilitator training historically has been offered once every two years or when an organization has enough participants to proceed (typically 18-24).  Contact the WEVAS® Clinical Director for more information about hosting a training of trainers course.

Q: How do I find a WEVAS® facilitator to train my staff?


A: Contact your local school division to find out who the WEVAS® facilitators are and to arrange a workshop directly with them.  Coming soon: WEVAS® facilitator contact information may be listed on www.wevas.ca. Contact the WEVAS® Clinical Director for more information about finding a facilitator.

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