Michelle Bradley-Bahuaud

Michelle is the current Clinical Director and CEO of WEVAS®, having taken over from the Founders, Neil Butchard and Robert Spencler, in 2014.  Michelle has a Masters degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Guelph (1994).  She has worked as a psychologist across Manitoba since 1994 employed by a variety of school divisions in both rural and urban areas.  Michelle worked for Manitoba Education for approximately 7 years during which time she supervised psychologists, was the specialist for Emotional Behavioural Disorders (EBD), provided professional development in a variety of areas including a mental health initiative in collaboration with psychiatrists from the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre (MATC), and sat as the Department’s representative on a number of committees focused on supporting students with a variety of needs.  Michelle was an instructor at the University of Winnipeg’s Continuing Education department.   Michelle stood on the Manitoba Association of School Psychologists (MASP) executive board for 17 years since 1999 serving as Vice President, Member-at-Large, Publications and Communications Chair, and Issues Committee member.  She developed the original MASP website, founded the MASP Award of Excellence, and has supported psychologists across the province as networking and sharing professional information is important to her.

Dr. Neil Butchard

Dr. Neil Butchard was the Original Director of Clinical Services for WEVAS Incorporated. Dr. Butchard received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1980. He interned at the Children’s Medical Center in Oklahoma. He worked for over twenty-five years as the senior consulting psychologist for Manitoba's department of education and was involved in the hiring, supervision and professional development of psychologists in rural and northern Manitoba during much of this time.  In 2005 he received the Manitoba Association of School Psychologists Award of Excellence in recognition of his contribution to psychology in schools in Manitoba. He also worked as one of the department's specialists in Emotional / Behavioural Disorders and supervised two of the provinces committees to develop programming for students with behavioural problems. Neil served as the department's representative on the Child and Youth Secretariat for four years where he was involved in studying programs and research from across North America in working with children and youth at risk.

Bob Spencler

Bob Spencler was the original Director of Program Development for WEVAS Incorporated. He received his Masters in Developmental Psychology from the University of Manitoba in 1971 and completed his doctoral coursework in Learning Disabilities and Counselling in the Counselling Psychology program at the University of Victoria where he was advanced to candidacy in 1973. He worked as a psychologist in Southern Manitoba and was involved in developing the Adler Association of Manitoba.  He developed the Province's Diagnostic Support Centre in 1981 which provided programming support to children with severe learning and behaviour problems who were not responding to concerted efforts at the local level and he managed the Diagnostic Support Centre for 13 years.  He then became the Consultant for Emotionally / Behaviourally Disturbed at Manitoba's Department of Education, a position that he held for ten years. At various times during his tenure as the EBD consultant he also served as the province's consultant for Safe Schools and the consultant for Learning Disabilities. His work in the area of learning disabilities was recognized in 2003 when he received the National Excellence of Education Award from the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.

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