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Calm the waters

Find Peace within


Do you live or work with people who get angry, intimidate, cry, yell, grab, hit, kick, spit, bite?

Do you live or work with people who get quiet, nervous, easily triggered?

Do you feel scared, frustrated, uncertain, or at a loss about what to do?

WEVAS® workshops can help.

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Interactive, activity-based training and workshops.

Certification for Employment.

Relevant for anyone who interacts with people who may become anxious, agitated, aggressive, and/or assaultive.


Are you an Educational Assistant?  Educator?

Child care professional?  Parent?

Do you live or work with someone who has a mental health diagnosis or specialized needs?


Restore safety, security, calm, and peacefulness within yourself and your environment.

Administrators and Principals:

Are you ready to reduce Workplace Health and Safety reports?

Are you ready to improve employee safety and ability to work with students with diverse needs? 


WEVAS® 2.0 is available and ready to partner with a host organization to provide Certified Facilitator Training.

Schedule WEVAS® Facilitator Training ASAP, then go forward to train your own staff on your own schedule.

WEVAS® is a required course for Educational Assistants who work in Manitoba School Divisions.

Created and Designed by Psychologists.

Firmly established, proven results. Est 1993.

Since 1993, people have been WEVAS® trained across fields of Education, Health, Family Services, Justice, and other public and private sectors (e.g., group home staff, disability services staff, human resources personnel, managers, administrators, police officers, volunteers, Indigenous organizations, newcomers).

What are people saying about WEVAS®?


EXCITING things are happening in the world of WEVAS®

Thank you for your ongoing patience! It will be worth the wait!!

Since the COVID pandemic, WEVAS® courses have been difficult to find.

We have received many requests and are working to ensure ongoing availability.

WEVAS® Facilitators:

WEVAS® 2019 materials are available for download and a 2023 update is coming soon.

Contact to arrange re-certification in fall 2023.

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