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Training of Trainers
An Integral Component of Safe and Caring Environments

​The WEVAS® program can be seen as an important step in an overall system plan to address the issue of safely working with people in agitated and aggressive states.  It respects existing staff skills and allows for individual differences.  Its modular format and use of locally identified leaders allows employers some control in its implementation although trainers are under contractual obligation to maintain the integrity of the overall training.


This training model focuses on verbal communication skills with an emphasis on those skills that assist people in moving from problem states towards competent states.  It is seen as an integral part of an overall plan to develop Safe and Caring environments and fits with Workplace Safety and Health regulations.


Those who are successful in completing the five-day training program will be certified as WEVAS® Trainers by WEVAS Incorporated and will enter into an agreement with WEVAS Incorporated that grants them the right to use WEVAS® training materials, use the WEVAS® name and duplicate participant materials when offering the WEVAS® Training Program through their place of employment. 


Orientation of the Program


WEVAS® was developed by Neil Butchard, PhD, C. Psych, and Robert Spencler, MA, PA. The program is based upon the concept that people have times when they are in an optimal state, referred to as the Competent State.  Sometimes people drop out of this state and move into problem states in which they become anxious, agitated, aggressive or even assaultive.  The communication skills that we use to enable people to return to the competent state are referred to as the WEVAS® Skills.  This program is designed to help develop and improve these skills.


WEVAS® Training Format


The program uses a “process teaching” format that allows staff to identify effective skills that they have already developed and to become aware of the impact of some of their less effective strategies.  Throughout the training they have the opportunity to share their effective skills with others, to develop new skills, and to practice these.  They also have the opportunity to develop the tools needed to continue assessing and developing new skills as they work with children/youth/adults.



WEVAS® Certified Trainers


The people being trained as facilitators have been chosen by their employers for their leadership and training abilities.  This is a five-day workshop to certify participants in leading the WEVAS® training program in their respective organizations. 


Although not necessary, it is highly recommended that participants in this course have previously completed the three-day WEVAS® training.


Participants do not need to be experts in working with high risk youth/adults but do need to be willing to provide a “positive learning environment” so that participants interested in increasing their skills have the opportunity to do so.  The program itself provides the expertise.


Through the structure of the program and the leadership provided by certified trainers, it is believed that interested participants can improve and develop skills in working effectively with all children/youth/adults, particularly those who become disruptive, out-of-control, and threatening.  Together with other community initiatives and supports, it provides a basis for deescalating those who are aggressive and moving towards violent or assaultive states.  In these situations, it is a violence prevention strategy that can be immediately employed in highly tense situations.   


Content of the Facilitator Training


The facilitator training program is quite intensive and requires five days to complete. 


The WEVAS® program is in a modular format and participants must complete all the modules to become a certified WEVAS® instructor.  Interspersed between and during the modules will be instruction on how effectively to teach the program and use the materials.


Each module teaches unique skills and builds upon the skills and knowledge taught in previous modules.  Taken in sequence, these modules provide a comprehensive staff training program.

Schedule WEVAS® Facilitator Training


If your organization is interested in coordinating a facilitator training session, then please contact:

Michelle Bradley-Bahuaud, WEVAS® Director

Next anticipated Facilitator Course: Fall 2023 (spring 2022 postponed due to urgent personal circumstance)



​Limited spots available, please reserve ASAP.

Previous Facilitator Course

8:30 a.m.  – 3:30 p.m.

March 18-19 April 10-11-12, 2019

For certification purposes, attendance at all sessions is mandatory


Coffee and course materials are provided. 


Lunch is on your own.


Cost: $1000.00 per person


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